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March 19th 2013 - What's new with the Viamente Route Planner

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2013 02:19PM EDT
This release of the Viamente Route Planner addresses directly some important requests received from Users over the past months.

New features and functions have been introduced for an enhanced planning experience:

  • The Multiday Planning feature allows the creation of Route Plans with up to a 30-day planning horizon.
  • With one click on the new button Reverse it is now possible to modify route sequences, making the last stop the first and vice versa.
  • A third Load Capacity value can be defined for an even more complete control over load constraints.
  • Order Custom Fields can now be added and edited directly from within a plan in any moment.

Some already existing  aspects have been modified to guarantee improved usability:

  • At least one Driver must be selected before pressing the button for Printing Maps and Directions.
  • The information about the current Route Plan has been reorganized visually, with the addition of the Total Cost of the plan.

Let's have a look at what's new step by step.


Multiday Planning

Depending on your subscription plan limits (compare plans here by clicking on Compare Features), you can select the planning horizon which better suits your scenario.

After selecting your planning horizon from the menu, you can upload all the Orders that you want the Route Planner to assign to your Drivers over that time frame. 

Please note that when planning over multiple days, for each Driver you can either use the same settings for all days or you can customize them for each single day. 

For each Order, all days of the selected planning horizon are by default eligible for service but you can anyway specify if certain Orders can only be served on specific days.

After choosing your Planning Horizon and defining settings for Orders and Drivers, you just need to click on Plan Optimal Routes.

At this point you can check all assignments, group Orders by day or by Driver and even swap routes from one day to another.

You can read more about Driver/Order settings when planning over multiple days at this link.

Reverse Routes

Even though the Viamente Route Planner always suggests routes which minimize your Drivers' Total Working Time, it can be sometimes useful to execute the suggested sequences in a reversed order: this may generate a longer total working time, but it may also fit particular real-world scenario needs (such as hitting certain areas in less trafficked moments of the day for instance).

In order to reverse a route, just select a Driver and click on Reverse.


Additional Load Capacity value

You can now add a third Load Capacity value for defining more complex load constraints, such as number of goods, weight and volume for instance. None of the set values will ever be exceeded during the creation of optimized routes.


Order Custom Fields

Order Custom Fields can now be added or modified at any time during the creation of a plan. If you need to add notes after the optimization has been completed for example, you can do it very easily. Just open an Order's settings and from the tab Custom make all the necessary additions/changes.


Print Maps and Directions

In order to print your Drivers' Maps and/or Directions, before pressing the usual button you now need to check the box beside the name of at least one Driver. After you do this, you can choose between:
  • Map for a map without directions;
  • Directions for turn-by-turn directions which by default include map, directions and step details. By unchecking any of these three options you will exclude them from the print out.



Route Plan information

Route Plan information has been visually reorganized, with the addition of the new value Cost, which indicates the total costs of a plan, calculated on the Fixed and Hourly Cost values set for each Driver.

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