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Last Updated: Aug 03, 2012 10:13AM EDT
Deliveries and Installations are services which particularly benefit of all the functionalities of the Viamente Route Planner.
Transforming what is complex into something simple and easy to manage is the challenge we have taken on at Viamente and Delivery and Installation services give us the perfect opportunity to show you the great results we have achieved with our intuitive Web-based Routing Optimization engine.
Let’s see how we manage in practice the abovementioned complexity of services, relieving you of the hardest part of Route Planning and delivering Optimized Scheduling.
Let’s take Furniture Retailing or White Goods distribution as possible examples (it may be the case of either an Individual Driver or a Fleet Manager with several vehicles).

When studying the optimal Route Plan to serve all their Orders, Furniture Retailers are not only dealing with geographical issues; the cheapest Route to transport and deliver/install furniture or white goods is not simply the shortest Route, but needs to be optimized by taking into consideration a whole lot of variables: 

  • Transport means Load Capacity problems: how can I serve the maximum number of Orders without exceeding my vehicles’ Load Capacity? And at the same time, how can I distribute my Mobile Workforce's Workload equally? The Viamente Route Planner calculates your optimized Scheduled Sequences of stops in a matter of seconds, considering Load Capacity and Workload distribution.
  • Delivery/Installation means that your Drivers need specific skills to carry out certain jobs: you may need someone able to transport a wall oven to destination and then install it; some other Order may require the on-site installation of an air conditioning system. We take care of this too: by setting your constraints and skill requirements when you define your Drivers, you will give our Route-Planning algorithms all the information they need to automatically assign the most qualified Driver for a specific job to that specific Order.
  • Management of Time Windows and Service Times: it goes without saying that giving your customers and Drivers accurate Estimated Times of Arrival and realistic Service Times is a fundamental part of Logistics and Fleet Optimization. Sometimes it is also necessary to exclude certain Time Windows during which customers are not available. Yes, we do that too.
All these parameters are taken into account for delivering Real and Full-featured Multi-stop Routing. An intuitive and easy-to-use User Interface will allow you to be on top of your Orders and of your Fleet with just a few clicks. Let the Route Planner do the hardest part of the job and then send your Optimized Route Plan to your Drivers via email or directly to their smartphones or GPS devices.
Your customers will be happy as they are served by competent Drivers who know how to get the job done, Fleet Managers will be happy as they save money, fuel and Working Time (with our Route Plans, Driving Time and Idle Time are reduced to a minimum).
So don't wait any longer: go to our First Step and start using the Viamente Route Planner.

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