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What is a Route Plan?

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2012 11:52AM EST
A Route Plan is the most efficient plan to serve a number of Orders.

The Viamente Route Planner automatically builds your Route Plans with the goal to minimize the total Working Time and all the related logistic costs while considering your Constraints.

A Route Plan includes:

  • The optimal Assignment of your Orders to the minimum number of Drivers.
  • The Scheduled Routes, with the smartest Sequence of Stops for each Driver.
  • The turn-by-turn Driving Directions, GPS files, Route and Maps links for smartphones and more. You can print Route Plans or share route links with your Drivers via email. Route Links are formatted for Desktop browsers, Smartphone or Tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad...). Learn more here.

Our Routing Optimization Software also gives you the chance to modify the suggested Route Plan's Assignments and Sequences with a simple Drag and Drop of the Orders. Read how to do it here.

If the resources are insufficient to serve all the Orders, the suggested Route Plan will always attempt to maximize the number of served Orders.

Example: you manage a Fleet of 30 Drivers and you have a total of 5000 customers who require your service with different frequencies all over the year. At a given time, you need to plan the service for 250 Orders that you have received from customers of a certain region. You could dispatch up to 12 Drivers to that region, but based on your experience you believe 5 Drivers will be sufficient for the entire job.

When you build a Route Plan for 5 drivers and these 250 Orders, the Viamente Route Planner suggests the optimal set of Routes to serve your Orders with the minimum effort.

Depending on the Orders' geographical distribution and the other logistic constraints, you may turn out needing only 4 Drivers. 

Possibly, instead, the Route Planner may warn you that 5 Drivers are insufficient to serve all those 250 Orders and that the very maximum number of Orders these Drivers can serve is only 240. In this case, our software will suggest increasing your resources.

With the Viamente Route Planner you can create an unlimited number of Route Plans. This means that you can create a different Route Plan for every day of the week or multiple Route Plans for several days and several regions.

Note that your Fleet (i.e. the total number of Drivers you have) can be easily subdivided into sub-fleets, which you can assign to each new Route Plan. In other words, each Route Plan can have its own sub-fleet, created with
only the Drivers you decide to assign.

Do you want to know how to define your Drivers? Read more here. 

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