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How can I improve address recognition?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2013 07:37AM EDT
In order to help Viamente recognize your addresses correctly, please make sure that their format is in accordance with the guidelines below. Such guidelines are tips given directly by Google and since for the recognition of addresses we rely on Google Maps®, it is worth reading them carefully.
  • Specify addresses in accordance with the format used by the national postal service of the country concerned.
  • Do not specify additional address elements such as business names, unit numbers, floor numbers, or suite numbers that are not included in the address as defined by the postal service of the country concerned.
  • Use the street number of a premise in preference to the building name where possible.
  • Use street number addressing in preference to specifying cross streets where possible.
  • Do not provide 'hints' such as nearby landmarks.

If possible, addresses should also include ZIP code and Country. ZIP codes need to be written in full (e.g. if a ZIP code is "01234", writing only "1234" may cause problems).

In case of US addresses on numbered highways, here is what Google suggests:
  • County Roads: "Co Road NNN" where NNN is the road number. eg. "Co Road 82"
  • State Highways: "State NNN" where State is the full name of the state and NNN is the highway number. eg. "California 82"
  • U.S. Highways: "U.S. NNN" where NNN is the highway number. eg. "U.S. 101"
  • U.S. Interstates: "Interstate NNN" where NNN is the interstate number. eg. "Interstate 280"

Please also note that map data is updated frequently in order to provide an always better service, so differences in results over time are sometimes possible.

You can anyway adjust the position of an Order in case it is not placed where it should be. Please read how to do it at this link.


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