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Multiple-Vehicle Planning and Dispatching

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2013 04:55AM EDT
Multi-vehicle Planning and Dispatching is the key to finding the optimal utilization of a Fleet.

When you have several vehicles/Drivers and multiple Orders to serve, rather than splitting the Orders in sub-lists and pre-assigning them to each Driver (thus using the Route Planner only to optimize each Driver's Route), you can choose to let the Viamente Route Planner manage the Assignments for you automatically.

The Route Planner, on the basis of the constraints and parameters you set, automatically suggests the best Assignments for the available Drivers, maximizing the number of Orders each Driver can serve and balancing workload. The set of automatically generated Routes is what we call an Optimized Route Plan.

In practice, if on a given day you have 100 Orders and 15 Drivers available, all you need to do is to add them all to your Route Plan and let the Viamente Routing Optimization engine do all the necessary computation and suggest which Driver should serve which Orders. You may even find out that not all your Drivers are necessary for serving those Orders and you will then be able to add extra-Orders or assign the remaining Drivers to different tasks.

Of course, you can always force specific Assigments or require certain Orders to be served by Drivers with specific Skills only (learn more about it here).

Your Mobile Worforce's efficiency is our main goal, so our algorithms take into account Driving Times, Service Times, Time Windows, required Driver's Skills (if any) and Load Capacity (if relevant); all this computation is done automatically and in seconds, making your Multi-vehicle Planning and Dispatching process easy and smart as promised.

If you are a Fleet Manager, a Team Leader or you simply need to dispatch your Drivers and vehicles efficiently, the Viamente Route Planner is what you are looking for.

Ready to build your first Route Plan? Learn how!

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