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Can I pre-assign certain Orders to certain Drivers?

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2013 09:06AM EDT
Yes, it is possible.

You know that the Viamente Route Planner automatically calculates the smartest assignments in order to optimize Working Time and to achieve the best Workload balance among your Mobile Workforce, but
still you may have to pre-assign certain Orders.
Typically, there are two scenarios in which I may want to "force" assignments.


Skill-based Assignment

In the first scenario I may have Orders which require specific skills (e.g. a client may require a Driver who is able to install the piece of equipment he delivers). In this case, it is not a specific Driver that I want to assign to that Order, but one with a specific skill (in our case, any Driver who can install that piece of equipment). When I add this skill to my Order (see how Orders are defined), the Viamente Route Planner will automatically assign to that Order the best Driver among the ones with that skill.


Personal Assignment

In the second scenario we have different needs. Sometimes Drivers develop a personal relationship with customers and these customers start requiring to be served always by those Drivers.

So let's say that Mr Sawyer wants only Chris Rossi (one of our Drivers) to serve his location and clean his pool, because Chris is a nice guy and he works well. But when we build our Optimal Plan, the Route Planner assigns a different Driver to Mr Sawyer, because this is the optimal choice in terms of Optimized Scheduling and Planning. In order to "force" the assignment and have Chris Rossi serve Mr Sawyer in spite of the Route Planner's suggestion, I can do two different things.

- When importing/adding the Order for the first time, I can 
fill the field Assign to with Chris Rossi's ID or name (again, see a Description of all Order fields). Please note that when uploading Orders via Excel/CSV, it is necessary to use a Driver'sID (which is the number I can see to the left of a Driver's name) and not his/her name.

- If I need to modify an Order which has already been imported, it's no problem at all. The User Interface allows me to edit Orders at any time, with just a couple of clicks. In the lower part of the screen, I can click on the tab Orders, search for Mr Sawyer's Order, double click on it and start editing. Under the tab Requirements I can click on the Required Driver menu and
 pick Chris Rossi's name from the list. 

Please note that you can also specify a required Driver directly in the Excel spreadsheet you upload. If you do this, remember that in the column Required Driver you need to add the Driver's ID (a numeric value which you find beside each Driver's name - see screenshot below) and NOT the Driver's name.

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