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Release dated Nov 7th 2011

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2013 02:01PM EDT

The Viamente Route Planner has a brand new look!

Here is a short description of the main new Features we're introducing.

A brand new Timeline Visualization

A new  visualization has been designed to give users an immediate understanding of their overall Fleet Workload. The Orders assigned to each Route are displayed on a timeline, showing their scheduled Service Times and the driving time between them. Besides, new indicators now show you the level of saturation of both the Load Capacity and the Working Time availability of your Vehicles/Drivers.

timeline visualization

An easier Drag and Drop function

To modify a Route Plan users will not have to change mode anymore and they will just drag and drop their Orders directly within the Timeline schedule, under the Drivers' tab. It is possible to drag an Order from a Route and drop it into another Route or in a new position within its original Sequence: the Viamente Route Planner will reschedule the affected routes to take into consideration the changes.

A new Automatic Comparison

At each modification of a Route Plan, a new automatic Comparison will highlight the impact on Loads and Workloads of all Drivers as compared with the Route Plan originally suggested. You can always hide the comparison to see the absolute indicators. Furthermore, we highlight any possible constraint violations.

This way users can sense how their modifications may have affected the overall efficiency and the general compliance with all constraints.

compare workload before and after your modifications

hide comparison

Lock Routes

Users can now lock Routes. Locked Routes can still be modified, but hitting the button Plan Optimal Routes will not affect them. This way it is possible to reoptimize Routes, but the new computation will inlcude only the unlocked Routes and leave the locked ones unchanged.

...and even more Features!

  • Now it is possible to swap Routes between Drivers.
  • Acknowledging many requests, we have replaced the Save as... button with Save a copy. It creates a safe copy of the current Route Plan without leaving it.
  • The new button Deploy is designed to freeze the Route Plan once users decide to deliver the planned routes to their drivers for Execution. All the usual "route delivering" functions have been moved down here: Print turn-by-turn Driving Directions and Maps, Send Route links via email to Drivers' Smartphones, GPS files, etc.
  • Sending Emails is now easier: in Deploy mode, just select the Drivers you want to dispatch and  send them their own Route along with a custom message.
  • A new Knowledge Base portal is available to look for information and to post public questions to our community.
  • Now it is possible to customize the color of each Driver.
  • A new Template Generator helps users to build Excel and CSV templates tailored to their specific needs.

Among several improvements, we have also changed some of the wording (like Drivers instead of Vehicles and Orders instead of Locations) and adjusted the position of some buttons to facilitate access.

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