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Last Updated: Oct 28, 2015 12:43PM EDT

The Setup Wizard will guide your through the steps to getting your company up and running in WorkWave Service.  After your password is created for the software you will immediately be brought to the Setup Wizard, click “Let’s get started” to begin:



Your first step is to input the billing options for your company.  Enter your company name, address, phone number, sender email, and license no.  The email address that you enter here will be the email address shown to customers and employees when you send any email out of WorkWave Service. When you are finished click “Next Step”


Next you will allow WorkWave Service to access your geolocation.  After, Click “Next Step” twice.



Next you will select your timezone and Default Commitment Window.  There is a brief explanation of what the commitment window is used for, you can select “All Day” or enter your own custom window.  When finished click “Next Step”


Next setup the service hours for your business.  Unchecking the box that says “Closed” will allow you to input custom work hours.


Select your hours by clicking the clock symbols, when finished click “Next Step” to go to the next day.



Once you are finished with each day of the week, you will next enter your Office Address and Service area.  Your office address will be the default location that your routes begin.  As you begin to type your office address you will be displayed possible matching address.



If you cannot find the correct address or wish to enter manually, clicking the down arrow to the right will allow you to input more specific fields.



Similar to entering your address, when you enter your service area in the second box you will be be given default search options.  However, unlike your office address you must choose from the predetermined search results.  You may enter multiple areas.  Click “Next Step” when finished.



Next we will add your Technicians. First enter the Technician's employee name, email address which will serve as their login email, and the password they will use to login to WorkWave Service. Then Click “Next Step”



Next enter the details for the technician.  When finished entering either select “Next Step” or if you wish to enter another technician click “Save and Add another technician”.  

For more information about Employees and Teams see:



Next you will have the option to create a team.  First name your team, give them a call sign, select a color for their route, and choose whether their starting and ending address.  When finished click “Next Step”.  If you do not wish to create a team at this time you can instead click “Skip this step”.



Next add one or more technicians to the team you just created.  Select a start date and optionally an end date.  When finished either click “Create Another Team” or “Next Step” to move on.

For more information about Employees and Teams see:



Next you will create a Service Offering.  Enter the information for your service and then click “Save and Add Another” or “Next Step” to continue.  

For More information about Service Offerings and Frequencies see:


You’re now finished with the setup wizard and can now access WorkWave Service.  Click “Finished, Let me in!” to begin using the software.



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