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Set/Review Driver's Start/End Address

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 11:06AM EST
When defining your Driver's settings, the first fields you are asked to fill refer to your Driver's Start and End position.

The Start Address is the location from which your Driver will start the Route. All your Drivers can have different Start Addresses, or they can have the same one; in the latter case a Multiple Driver Marker will appear on the map, indicating graphically that more Drivers are leaving from the same Start Address.

For the End Destination you have three options:
  • Roundtrip: at the end of the Route the Driver will go back to the Start address
  • Open Route: the Route will end wherever it's more convenient. This option can be very useful when, for example, your main constraint is finishing your Route by a certain hour, for example 4 pm. If you do not set an open destination but choose Roundtrip or a specific End Destination, the Route Planner will obviously send the Driver back to the Start Address or to the specified destination, subtracting effective Working Time from your Driver's availability. In fact, when optimizing, the software will have Drivers finish by the hour defined as their latest working hour, taking into account also the time they need to reach their specific End Destination and possibly excluding certain Orders. An Open Route allows the Route Planner to use up all the available Working Time in the optimization process: the Route will still have to finish by 4 pm of course, but it will not matter where the Driver is at the end of it. This may result in more Orders served.
  • Specify End Destination: if you select this option a field where to enter a specific End Destination will appear.


Having chosen Start and End destinations, you are also given the chance to review their positions on the map.

By clicking on Review Start Position or Review End Destination Position, you visualize a map with a marker corresponding to that address. If necessary, you can drag and drop the marker to fine-tune its position. This can be useful when, for example, an address does not correspond exactly to the place where you want the Driver to start/finish the Route (it may be because the actual entrance is on the back of the building, facing a side street, etc.). You can drag the marker, adjust the position and update the address with the new one suggested, or you can decide to keep the old one associated with the reviewed position.

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