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Set Driver's Load Capacity/Unit of Measurement

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2013 11:19AM EDT
Load Capacity and Load Unit of Measurement are not mandatory fields, but they can help you have more control over the planning process.

If you are concerned that too many Orders may saturate the Load Capacity of a Driver's vehicle, you should set a limit in the field Load Capacity (under the tab Vehicle).

Please note that by pressing the green button you can add a second and third Load Capacity values: this is useful in case you want to define number of goods, but also weight and volume, for instance. None of the set values will ever be exceeded.

You can choose the Load Unit of Measurement which best matches your own operations among the options in the list or enter a new one, provided that you use it consistently when importing your Orders.

In the example above, the Load Unit is "Goods", but you may have a Driver who transports people, for instance; in this case, in the field Load Capacity you could set the maximum number of people that the vehicle can transport and set "Passengers" as Load Unit.

Important Note: if you set a Load Capacity different from unlimited (which is the default setting) you have to set a value for the Load Unit field when defining your Orders (read How Orders are defined). In practice, in the example above you have to indicate how many Goods will be picked up (or will be delivered) at a certain address, giving the Route Planner all the data it needs to plan an optimal Route.

Remember also that decimals are not supported at the moment, but if for instance you need values with a decimal point, you can eliminate the decimal point by multiplying all values by 10 (both Order Load Unit and Driver Load Capacity).

If you want to learn about other possible uses of the field Load Capacity, read here.

Please note that like all other Driver Settings, Load Capacity and Load Unit of measurement can be assigned/modified from under the tab My Fleet or from under the tab Route Plans (by clicking on the Driver's name in the lower part of the screen).

Remember that if you change a Driver’s settings from the tab My Fleet, the new settings will be applied to all future Route Plans whenever this Driver is utilized. If you only need to modify settings only for a specific Route Plan, you need to do it from the tab Route Plans.

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