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Set Driver Special Skills and Order Required/Banned Skills

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 12:08PM EST
When defining your Drivers' settings, you can also enter a set of Special Skills in order to differentiate some Drivers from the others. You can do it from under the tab Skills.

The purpose of this setting is to allow an even smarter assignment of your Orders to your Drivers.

For example, if all Drivers/technicians make installations but only certain ones can do maintenance and repairs, you can define here these two skills. Just type the name of the first skill, then press Enter, then type the second and so forth.

This way,  the Viamente Route Planner will know that Orders requiring these skills will be assigned only to these "skilled" Drivers and will optimize their Routes accordingly.

Please note that like all other Driver Settings, Special skills can be assigned/modified from under the tab My Fleet or from under the tab Route Plans (by clicking on the Driver's name in the lower part of the screen).

Remember that if you change a Driver’s settings from the tab My Fleet, the new settings will be applied to all future Route Plans whenever this Driver is utilized. If you only need to modify settings only for a specific Route Plan, you need to do it from the tab Route Plans.

After defining Driver Skills, you need to associate the same skills to the Orders too.

When you import your Orders, you find a similar field (it's called Required Skills) where you can specify which Special Skills are required to serve the Order. Note that you need to define Driver Skills before defining the corresponding Order required skills.

The Viamente Route Planner has an even more specific functionality: Banned Skills. If set, Drivers defining the specified skills will NOT be assigned to that Order. For instance, it may be the case of Orders with a lower priority, where you do not want to send highly specialized Drivers.

If you are importing Orders using CSV or Excel Templates (read here all about it) you can set Required/Banned Skills directly in the template, before uploading your list of Orders. You can always edit Skills and all the other settings in a second moment through the Route Planner interface,

For a more advanced use of Skills, you may find this article interesting.

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