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Last Updated: Jan 28, 2014 11:36AM EST
In order to help you better understand how our Route Planner works and what its potential is, we want to present here a typical usage scenario.

Remember that this is only one of the many applications of our Routing Optimization tool and that even though we have tried to select a case as comprehensive as possible, every scenario is unique; the good news is that the Viamente Route Planner is flexible and adaptable enough to meet the most varied needs.

In the selected case, our User manages a service of installation, repair and maintenance of industrial systems. Maintenance of the units takes about 45 minutes, repair about 90 minutes and installation about 60 minutes.

Our User has 40 Technicians, but only 6 of these have the skills required to repair the units (the others can only do installations and maintenance). Generally speaking,  Technicians have different working hours and may start their service route directly from their home or from the company. At the end of the working day, their routes finish either at home or somewhere else.

Each Technician has a van which is used to drive to the various destinations and to transport installation kits and spare parts. The vehicles have a limited load capacity, so they cannot transport parts for too many units.

Every day, our User has to service (considering installations, repair calls and maintenance) about 700 units spread on a certain territory. Each unit represents a "Work Order" or Service Work Order. Several units are at some company's premises or in shops, so they can be serviced only during the shop opening hours (let's say between 8am and 12am) or in other specific Time Windows.

The Viamente Route Planner, considering Driving Times and the different duration of the different types of service, calculates in a few seconds the best Routing solution and suggests which Technician (or "Driver", in the Viamente jargon) should serve which Work Order.

In other words, it creates a Working Schedule for every Technician, based on criteria of efficiency, rationalization and service level maximization.

In particular, the Optimization Engine builds Routes and creates Assignments considering both Driving and Service Times (and Idle/Waiting Times if applicable), in such a way that:
•    All units are installed/repaired/maintained by Technicians with the right skills and competences, within the allowed Time Windows, without exceeding the vehicles' Load Capacity, complying with the Technicians' Working Hours and Start/End locations
•    The number of Technicians necessary to fulfill all the 700 Work Orders is kept as low as possible
•    The overall Working Time of the whole team is reduced to the minimum and is well balanced among the Technicians necessary to complete the service

Moreover, with the Viamente Route Planner our User can share in advance with his/her final customers accurate forecasts for Times of Arrivals and Beginning/End Times of installation/repair/maintenance services. It is also possible to send the Working Schedules to the Technicians' smartphones with a simple click.

As you can see, a very complex problem can be solved in a super-efficient and automatic way, in just a few seconds.


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