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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2012 11:25AM EST
The story of Huacca, a small company which offers services of installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC systems, is one of the many stories of companies grown with the Viamente Route Planner.


 A few years after startup, Huacca now fulfils more than 80 Work Orders per day: many of these are maintenance jobs, but there are also several new installations and some repair calls. 

Huacca today can count on 25 reliable and committed Technicians who hit the road with kits and spare parts to meet their customers' needs.
Tom, the owner, still wants to serve some customers personally and his employees Rick and Paul, who were the first to join him, are now even more skilled than him: they’re lightning fast at troubleshooting and repairing broken units and that is by far the most time-consuming and critical type of service among their Service Calls.



Rick and Paul are so loved by the company's first customers that sometimes they are requested to go in person even for minor services. In order to strengthen their relationship with the customers, they try to satisfy even these requests.

The other technicians arrived last year and have since been trained to do mainly installations and maintenance. Tom is happy with the flexible conditions he offers to his employees: they are free to decide their working hours, sometimes they bring their van home, and they can take a day off with short notice. They are repaying these special conditions with an outstanding level of engagement in customer service and dedication.
When Tom tried the Viamente Route Planner for the first time, he was still on his own.
Since HVAC units are usually installed at some company's premises or in shops and can be serviced only during the shop opening hours, Tom was looking for a solution that could help him optimize his schedules while complying with all these time constraints. Besides, HVAC kits and parts are voluminous and he wanted to maximize the number of customers he could serve every day with his small van.
Not only did the Viamente Route Planner work well for him at that time, but it was so simple and intuitive that Tom immediately realized how well it would work for managing a full team with multiple vehicles.
Today, Tom manages several vans and his additional challenge is to assign Orders smartly for maximizing productivity while meeting the customers' expectations and keeping staff management flexible.
The Viamente Route Planner, considering Driving Times and the different duration of the different types of service, calculates in a few seconds the best Routing solution and suggests which Technician should serve which Work Order.
In other words, it creates a Working Schedule for every Technician, based on criteria of efficiency, rationalization and service level maximization.
 In particular, the Optimization Engine builds Routes and creates Assignments considering both Driving and Service Times (and Idle/Waiting Times if applicable), in such a way that:

  • All units are serviced by Technicians with the right skills and competences, within the allowed Time Windows, without exceeding the vehicles' load capacity, complying with the Technicians' Working Hours and Start/End locations.
  • The number of Technicians really necessary to fulfill the daily Orders is the minimum indispensable, so the others can get trained further, get better at repairing and grow professionally.
  • The overall Working Time of the whole team is reduced to the minimum and is well balanced among the Technicians necessary to complete the service.


Moreover, with the Viamente Route Planner Tom can share with his customers accurate forecasts of the Times of Arrivals and Beginning/End Times of Service. Finally, he is also able to send the Working Schedules to his Technicians' Smartphones and GPS devices with one click.

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