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Set Driver's Maximum number of Working hours

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 11:17AM EST
This field allows you to specify a maximum number of Working Hours for your Driver, whereas the fields above only define a Start Time and End Time between which the Driver is available.

The accepted format is hh:mm, so you can also set fractions of an hour as a maximum working-time limit.

This field is particularly useful when a very wide Working Time window is set for a Driver.

Setting a wide window, in fact, allows the Route Planner to determine the best moment for a Driver to start service, in order to serve as many Orders as possible.

On the other hand, if the first and the last point to serve are very distant in time, such a setting may result in a very early Start time and a very late End time for the Driver in question, and this may exceed the actual number of hours he/she is allowed to work.

By setting a Maximum number of Working hours (see above screen shot - field Work up to ...), it is possible to keep the Time Window as wide as needed, while at the same time making sure that a maximum number of working hours is taken into account.

Let us remind you that with Working Time we mean the total time between the moment Drivers leave and hit the road towards their first stop and the moment they finish their route (comprising idle time, drive time, service time, break time and return to their initial position if in round-trip mode).

Please note that like all other Driver Settings, a maximum number of Working Hours can be assigned/modified from under the tab My Fleet or from under the tab Route Plans (by clicking on the Driver's name in the lower part of the screen).

Remember that if you change a Driver’s settings from the tab My Fleet, the new settings will be applied to all future Route Plans whenever this Driver is utilized. If you only need to modify settings only for a specific Route Plan, you need to do it from the tab Route Plans.

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