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Assign a Driver to a region

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 11:11AM EST
Sometimes we want Orders in certain areas to be assigned to specific Drivers. At the same, we want to make sure that Drivers can also serve further Orders if they are left with any residual availability after completing their area.

This is exactly the reason why the Driver Regions feature has been added to the Route Planner: all the Orders included within a certain Driver's region are forcedly assigned to that Driver, but the Driver is still eligible for serving Orders outside his/her region. This way, no chance to generate efficiency is lost.

Click on the My Fleet tab (top left) and access a Driver's Default settings (see below for assigning/modifying a region for a specific Route Plan):

By clicking on the Assign to a region tab and on the drawing button on the map, you can start defining the region's borders. Other Drivers' regions are shown concurrently and each region has the Driver's color code to distinguish it from others (blue in the example below). Regions can be deactivated by pressing the on/off button. When they are not active, only their borders are shown (yellow and red in the example below).

After all regions have been defined, you can add Orders and click on Plan Optimal Routes. All Orders are assigned to Drivers on the basis of their regions, Orders in overlapping regions or on borders are assigned automatically. The best efficiency is guaranteed by the fact that Drivers, after serving their region, are utilized even for Orders outside of their regions if they have any residual availability.

Please note that like all other Driver Settings, Driver Regions can be assigned/modified from under the tab My Fleet or from under the tab Route Plans (by clicking on the Driver's name in the lower part of the screen).

Remember that if you change a Driver’s settings from the tab My Fleet, the new settings will be applied to all future Route Plans whenever this Driver is utilized. If you only need to modify settings only for a specific Route Plan, you need to do it from the tab Route Plans.

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