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Transport Industry: Distribution and Collection Services

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2012 10:12AM EDT
Do you provide Transport Services?

The Viamente Route Planner will help you create higher efficiency while increasing your Service Level and cutting the operating costs of your Fleet.

Many different providers of Distribution and Collection Services like Home Deliveries, Parcels, Waste and Recycling Collection and other businesses are already using the Viamente Route Planner. Through their feedback we have acquired the right expertise to meet the multi-faceted demands of the Transport Industry.

We know that Fleet Managers and individual Drivers alike need to comply with many different constraints if they want to achieve real logistics efficiency for their small Trucks and Commercial Plate Vehicles.

The Viamente Route Planner creates Optimized Route Plans which allow you to serve as many Orders as possible and to save money, fuel and time. You will reduce your Carbon Emissions too.

How? It is pretty simple.

Our Web-based Routing Optimization software calculates the smartest Assignments for your vehicles providing Optimized Scheduling for your Drivers, so that you can make the best possible use of your Drivers' Time and characteristics. This computation is made on the basis of the constraints you set and automatically takes into account all the parameters that are necessary to delivering a successful service. Good news is that you actually do not need to worry about them: we will do it for you and we will give you a complete and optimized Route Plan, allowing you to fully focus on your Customers' satisfaction.

Let's take the case of Home Deliveries; in order to keep your customers happy, you know that giving them accurate Delivery Times and Expected Times of Arrival (ETA) is fundamental. Just like you, your customers want to build their daily schedules in such a way that there are no Idle Times and they want to know when your van will be arriving.

Our Route Planning tool enables you to tell them when you will be at their premises: the Viamente Route Optimization engine identifies precise ETA after considering all the constraints and specifications linked to Drivers, Vehicles, Orders and Time Windows. Customers can also tell you if during the day there is a Time Window during which they will not be at their premises and the algorithm will take that into account.

It goes without saying that accurate ETA are critical not only to Home Deliveries, but to all Transport Services; our main goal matches yours: we want to minimize the overall Fleet Workload through the reduction of actual Driving Time and Idle Time while meeting your final Customers' expectations.

Load Capacity is another sensitive issue which immediately comes to mind when analyzing Transport Service efficiency.

Just imagine a pickup or a delivery van with a specific Load Capacity and a number of Orders to serve without ever exceeding that capacity, while at the same time following the cheapest Route; with this and other constraints, building an optimal Route Plan would be pretty difficult if you were to do it manually, placing pins on a wall map.

With the Viamente Route Planner it only takes seconds and you receive a smart Scheduled Sequence of Stops which is not just the result of mere geographical consideration, but comes from complex calculations which contemplate real issues, such as Load Capacity among many others. Note that in the case of Multi-vehicle Routing and Dispatching, the calculations on Load Capacity are even more elaborate, but we take charge of them and make sure the your entire Fleet's Load Capacity is fully utilised.

The best part of it all is that this complexity is "hidden" and left to our algorithms. The Viamente User Interface is intuitive, easy to interact with and hindrance-free.

Go to our First Step and learn how to build your first optimized Route Plan!

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