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Can I modify and rearrange a Route?

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015 04:29PM EST
Yes, you can modify a Route or rearrange the sequence of Stops.

First, let us remind you that the optimized Sequences of Stops are designed to maximize your vehicle/
fleet overall efficiency. However, you may still want to be able to modify your stops, adjusting them better to your real-world scenarios.

For this reason, our User Interface allows you to make this modifications intuitively and quickly by means of drag and drop.

After planning your Route, click on the Drivers tab in the lower part of the screen and you will see a timeline
with a Sequence of Stops corresponding to each Driver:

At this point you can simply drag and drop any Order you want to modify:

If you drag and drop from one Driver to another (completely reassigning the Order), you have the opportunity to decide yourself the Order's new position among the new Driver's Stops.

You can of course also drag and drop one Order within the same Driver's Sequence of Stops; also in this case you will decide directly the new position for the Order.

Every modification will obviously have an impact on your Route Plan: we will reschedule your expected times of arrival and highlight any possible constraint violations.

At each modification of a Route Plan, you can use our Comparison function to show (in yellow) the impact on Loads and Workloads of all Drivers as compared with any other action taken on the plan - like "Plan Optimal Routes" or "Load Saved Route Plan".

This way users can sense how their modifications may have affected the overall efficiency and the general compliance with all constraints.

Note: After dragging and dropping an Order from one Driver to another and deciding its new position, you may still want to re-optimize the Sequence. Provided your manual modification does not break any of your constraints; all you have to do is lock (just click on the Lock button beside the Drivers' names) all the other Routes except the one you have dragged the Order to and click once more on Plan Optimal Routes. This way the software will calculate the new Sequence of Stops for the modified Route without touching the others.

You can read about another way to modify a Route manually here.


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