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How does the geocoding system work? Can I adjust the position of my markers?

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2013 09:06AM EDT
We use Google Maps® API to geocode addresses, i.e. to place them on the map. In our experience, it is by far the most robust geocoding process available on the market.

Sometimes, though, even the most accurate geographic data might be not 100% correct: roads, postcodes and numbers happen to change frequently.
Besides, the correct position of an address may correspond to a rooftop or a no entry road. 

The Viamente Route Planner has a number of tools to give Users full control over their Orders.

Let's look at a case where we will show you 3 methods to adjust a position.

Johan works in Sweden and he needs to serve Mr Gustafsson's Order. Now, Mr Gustafsson's address (Sankt Olofsgatan 37, 52135 Falkoping, Sweden)
, as geocoded by Google Maps®, corresponds to a rooftop.

In cases like this, our system simply suggests the point of access to that venue from the road (see screenshot below), but you may have different needs.

In our scenario, for instance, Johan has to deliver a very heavy refrigerator and he needs to drive his vehicle as close to the delivery point as possible. Moreover, the service entrance to Mr Gustafsson's restaurant is not even on the road corresponding to his actual address (Sankt Olofsgatan), but happens to be a backyard facing a side street, Eriksgatan.

In order to help our Users in situations like this, we have added a number of tools.

Automatic check of the geocoding quality

When you import a list of Addresses, they are shown on the map and in the Orders tab, below the map.
In that section, in correspondence with each Address, you will see an Address Check column that gives you the immediate perception of the accuracy of the geocoding: 
  • "Ok" means that the confidence in the placement is high.
  • "Post code missing/mismatch" alerts you of possible inaccuracy and suggests double-checking.
  • "Unknown Address" means that we have not recognized the address (in this latter case, you are not allowed to proceed with your planning and we force you to review the problematic address)


Manually adjust the Order's position on the Map

Our program gives you the chance to fix yourself the position of your addresses on the map.

Just follow these simple instructions:
  • Double-click on the Order that has been inaccurately geocoded on the map
  • The Edit window will pop up.
    • Drag the marker in the correct place
    • Click on Ok to associate the new position to your original address

The image below is a caption of our User Interface, showing how Mr Gustafsson's address was reviewed to the actual access to his backyard. Please note that if you want the original address (Sankt Olofsgatan 37) to keep being visualized for your Driver even though the suggested correction (Eriksgatan) is different, you can. Simply press "Ok" after the modification, without clicking on the link with the suggestion.

Note that this method fixes the position of the marker only for this Route Plan, i.e. next time you import that address, you'll have to fix it again.

If you want to fix your database permanently, please keep reading here.


Download the Addresses extended with LatLong information

Here is a method to download the reviewed addresses/placement on the map.
  • After completing the previous procedure, you will notice that Mr Gustafsson's address in the Orders tab is shown as "Sankt Olofsgatan 37, 521 35 Falköping, Sweden@58.17076,13.55164".
  • Select the checkbox of that Order and then click on the arrow to the right of Export selected Orders  and choose Export to CSV/Excel file (with latitude/longitude coordinates): you will have your address extended with unambiguous latitude and longitude information exported to an Excel file. 
  • Next time you import the address complete with LatLong info, the software will place it correctly (and the importing process will also be much faster).  


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