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Set your Driver's details

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2012 04:39AM EDT
When you click on the tab My Fleet and on the button Create a new Driver a window pops up and you are asked to define your Driver's details. This is an important process, as it allows you to decide how you will share your Route Plans with your Drivers.

The first time you define a Driver's details they are saved and they become that Driver's default settings. This speeds up the process for your future Route Plans. It is always possible to modify the settings by accessing My Fleet (top-left tab) and then by clicking on the blue link Driver's Details.

The fields you are asked to fill are the following:

  • Driver's name: This is the only mandatory field (in the screenshot it is in fact highlighted in red) and it identifies your Driver
  • Driver's Email: If you want to communicate with your Drivers and share with them Optimized Route Plans, turn-by-turn directions, files for their GPS devices and Optimal Sequences of Stops to be visualized on computers, Smartphones and Tablets, you need to set their Email address here).
  • Email's content: by clicking on this field a drop-down appears and allows you to choose how to share your Route Plans with your Drivers (a simple link or files to be uploaded to different GPS devices.
  • Route Color: You can choose here the color which will be used for this Driver's marker and for distinguishing his/her Route on the map.

After defining/modifying a Driver's Details, by pressing Next/Ok you can move on to defining Default Setting.

An interesting option is the Create Multiple Drivers  feature.

By pressing the button Create Multiple Drivers you can create more Drivers with specific Details and common Default Settings. In other words, if all your Drivers have the same characteristics (Working Hours, Start/End Address, Load Capacity, etc.), after defining their personal Details, you only need to enter Default Settings once and they will be applied to all your Fleet. Please note that if you draw a region, the region will NOT be applied to all your Drivers.

By clicking on Add Driver you can keep adding as many Drivers as your subscription limits allow. When you are done, press Next to define common constraints and Settings.

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