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Plan over multiple days

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2013 01:53PM EDT
With the Viamente Route Planner it is possible to create plans with a 1-day planning horizon, or to have your deliveries/work calls automatically distributed and scheduled over multiple days.

Depending on your subscription plan limits (compare plans here by clicking on Compare Features), you can select the planning horizon which better suits your scenario.

After selecting your planning horizon from the menu, you can upload all the Orders that you want the Route Planner to assign to your Drivers over that timeframe. 

So if for example you have 64 maintenance jobs to be assigned to your 3 technicians over 3 days, you will upload them all and then add your technicians to the Route Plan. 

Of course, the procedure would be the same in the case of multi-day deliveries, pools to be serviced or waste management routes.

Driver Settings for Multi-day Plans

Please note that when planning over multiple days, for each Driver you can either use the same settings for all days, or you can customize them for each single day. This may be useful in case your Drivers leave from different addresses on different days, or if working hours vary during the week. 

Remember that if you change a Driver's settings from the tab My Fleet, the new settings will be applied to all future Route Plans whenever this Driver is utilized. If you only need to modify settings for a specific Route Plan, you need to do it from the tab Route Plans.

After you access a Driver’s settings, click on Multiday.

If you choose to use different settings for different days, click on the day you want to edit and set your parameters. You can also copy and paste settings from one day to another (the Copy button will appear when moving the mouse over a day).

Please note that by clicking on the vehicle icon you can also "turn off" a day, thus indicating that on that day the Driver is not available.


Order Settings for Multi-day Plans

For each Order, all days of the selected planning horizon are by default eligible for service.
You can anyway specify if certain Orders can only be served on specific days.

Open an Order’s settings (click on the marker on the map -- > edit, or open it from the tab Orders in the lower part of the screen) and click on the tab Days

Click on This Order is eligible for service --> on selected days only and select/deselect days (white = not eligible; light blue = eligible).

After choosing your Planning Horizon and defining settings for Orders and Drivers, you just need to click on Plan Optimal Routes.

At this point you can check all assignments, group Orders by day or by Driver and even swap routes from one day to another.

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